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Dr. Nancy has been a holistic health practitioner for more than 30 years and specializes in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST). Trained as a practitioner, she offers her therapy skills to individuals in private sessions, and as an educator shares her passion for healing work with students in a professional practitioner BCST training.

​Her therapy sessions are based on an understanding and appreciation of the intelligence responsible for health and healing and considers her role as a therapist to be a facilitator, helping align the body/mind system with that intelligence. 

Since young, Nancy has been interested in the natural world and a holistic approach to health and followed her instincts to pursue the source of health and  healing. She studied Yoga/Ayurveda with a variety of teachers; it spoke deeply and profoundly to her spiritual yearnings. Yoga/Ayurveda, introduced her to the concept of a universal life force, prana, that supports our physical universe.

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Health is restored and maintained by lifestyle practices that support the unimpeded flow of prana in the body/mind system.

She completed Chiropractic school in 1989, which gave her a strong appreciation of alignment and insight into the inner workings of our miraculous body; but it was the study and practice of BCST that shifted her understanding of health to something internal and individual. It resonated with and supported her study of Yoga/Ayurveda and she found that BCST was the perfect intersection of Body /Mind/ Spirit, in a truly holistic therapy.

She moved to Singapore in 1989 after chiropractic school, where she ran a busy clinical practice for ~30 years. She completed a foundation training with Franklyn Sills in 2001, joined the Body Intelligence tutor team in 2008 and taught and traveled extensively throughout South East Asia, including India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Dubai, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Israel, and Australia.

Along with building a clinical practice in the Twin Cities she continues to teach in the 2-year foundation training for Body Intelligence Trainings throughout North America. Her practice and teaching reflect her passion for anatomy, physiology and natural holistic health; she utilizes BCST, chiropractic care and promotes lifestyle habits that optimize health and well-being. She is guided by her intention to support that which within us is whole.

During the time spent abroad, she acquired some knowledge from ancient and traditional healing arts such as Yoga/Ayurveda, TCM, Chi Gong and some of the more esoteric shamanic practices throughout South East Asia.


 Her teaching and travel experience has given her a deep appreciation for diverse cultural nuances and the subtle and not so subtle influences of various spiritual and healing practices on her work. She has an ability to communicate complex concepts in a simple and direct way.

She offers individual BCST and chiropractic sessions, teaches embodied meditation, yoga and holistic lifestyle practices at corporate events and retreats, and conducts private therapeutic yoga/chi gong classes. She moved back to the Twin Cities in 2019 to be closer to family and to spend more time in the natural environment. 

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